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Our Statement


The Globalist has been committed to seek debate over agreement, fact over favor. ​

Whether you're young or young at heart, we strive towards creating an open platform for afresh ideas and strong opinions for ALL people without barriers of submission fees or long response times, which can be a significant hindrance in many writers' expression. We are assaying to leave the pathway more opened than it was when we walked in.

Our endeavor lies in bringing stories from different communities, including the ones which have long been marginalized and repressed, from across the globe to our audience, we all hold a firm belief that out of our diversity comes enormous strength, It extends beyond geographical boundaries and political inclinations or affiliations, it is our unanimous commitment and passion towards writing that binds us together. ​


Writing often helps us to understand our own identities and experiences; it is both an escape and a vehicle to delve into our own struggles and our own healing, it is a tool to hold the answerable, accountable. We wish, and hope, that your words find rest here.  


At a time when there is a war on truth, when freedom of speech and democratic institutions are increasingly under attack around the world, we like to think of ourselves as the signal standing out from the noise and censorship of rest of the media landscape. ​


And lastly, when Division sends ripples of fear through communities around the world, we proudly stand for hope, unity and inclusiveness in the face of fear, polarization and hatred.


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