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Poem | Unusual Situations

Unusual situations cause challenges,

& that we believe cause all the imbalances.

But little do we understand,

they help us meet ourselves,

who we are and our own true self.

They prepare us for the future and build our character

So that in unusual situations we know ourselves better.

If you focus on the hurt, you will suffer, but if you

focus on the lesson it leaves behind, you will grow.

About the Author

Annie Parmar, 15, is a high school student who is keen on writing, she likes to reflect an impactful thought or value in her writings. Along with that she also has interest in psychology, various techniques of art and music. Additionally, she has served as the Editor for her school.

Parmar believes that the society and this world would be a better place if we don't judge people for the way they act instead understand and empathize with them.

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