• Catchy Shang


Updated: Jan 1

By Cathy Shang (17, China)


And I’m no longer alive. You’ve spun my lines to lies to dimes to gold. My soul’s been stolen, in written words Here’s lies the slaughtered: the mockingbird

14. And I’m am but occasionally a poltergeist. I’m watching myself be forgotten, watching me pass Suddenly unwanted, suddenly unnecessary, suddenly replaced. A rope is a rope until it’s around a neck. You and you, your bullet words. Your values of self and value of mine. And you who was blinded, who did not fight. 15. A little older, a little wiser. The past, the yore; the blossom, the bloom The darkest year and the longest night. You and you, I do not forgive you I’m sorry you changed me so much I called you out in a poem. But last of all, you. I’m glad we’re happier now. (I still wish you defended me though)

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