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  • Catchy Shang


Updated: Jan 1, 2022

By Cathy Shang (17, China)


And I’m no longer alive. You’ve spun my lines to lies to dimes to gold. My soul’s been stolen, in written words Here’s lies the slaughtered: the mockingbird

14. And I’m am but occasionally a poltergeist. I’m watching myself be forgotten, watching me pass Suddenly unwanted, suddenly unnecessary, suddenly replaced. A rope is a rope until it’s around a neck. You and you, your bullet words. Your values of self and value of mine. And you who was blinded, who did not fight. 15. A little older, a little wiser. The past, the yore; the blossom, the bloom The darkest year and the longest night. You and you, I do not forgive you I’m sorry you changed me so much I called you out in a poem. But last of all, you. I’m glad we’re happier now. (I still wish you defended me though)

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